Oh, The Victorians!

Physical activity for women in the Victorian. Was unacceptable. At the beginning of the 19th century, people believed that girls and women were supposed to reserve their bodies for one special purpose, childbirth. It was believed that physical activity was dangerous for women. By the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, the attitude toward physical activity started to change. Of course, none of this applied to working class women, who throughout history we’re involved in heavy physical labor for their jobs and to take care of the household. Equally, the maids of the genteel Victorian ladies who were not allowed to move very much come on we’re expected to work like horses doing things such as carrying coal up and down several flights of stairs. 

Julia escort girl wearing black lace lingerieAsking questions in a conversation was bad manners during the Victorian era. 19th century etiquette rules recommended for women to avoid asking any questions throughout the course of a conversation. They were not sure what might offend the other person, so all phrases were supposed to be statements not questions. I have often suggested a similar strategy to escorts in Madrid that I work with, 

During the Victorian era, riding a bicycle was considered extremely dirty. Not in the muddy sense, but in the sexual sense. Women of the road bicycles on their own were judged for 2 reasons. Firstly, they required a more convenient clothing for their rides. So, as a result, bloomers and special skirts appeared. And many Victorians had a very negative attitude towards bloomers because they looked a lot like men’s attire. Secondly, doctors thought that riding a bicycle could be sexually stimulating for women. And ladies especially the young ones, were supposed to be clean and innocent. Personally, I would be extremely interested and finding the saddle that could bring on an orgasm rather than merely making my bum sore. 

Using lipstick was a thing that only Victorian women of loose morals did. Queen Victoria thought that makeup was vulgar and unattractive. Only actresses and prostitutes could freely use lipstick and other cosmetics. What would Queen Victoria have thought of the Kardashians? 

Asking a man to carry shopping bags was truly shameful. At that time, it was fairly easy to get rid of any unwanted man. All a woman had to do was to ask him to carry a couple of shopping bags. A Noble lady was supposed to only walk with a small cute dog, a bouquet of Flowers, or a small package of fruit in her hands. If she had bags, then she was no lady!