How Things Have Changed

Shaming a Victorian lady was very different to shaming a woman of today. Innocent things that would shame a Victorian woman close to death and yet which are done every day in modern society. 

The Victorian era lasted from 1837 to 1901 period during this time in Great Britain, there were many social reforms. The etiquette that we still use today was created during that time, but the state of women’s affairs was pretty miserable and very well regulated by society, as well as the law. And that applied to normal “civilians”, not just Manchester escort girls. In order to avoid being humiliated and mocked, Victorian women were supposed to follow a lot of rules that proscribed every aspect of their lives. 

It was inappropriate to even mention women’s underwear: it was believed that even mentioning women’s underwear could spark an unhealthy Interest in body parts, especially the naughty kind. When talking about this, a Victorian lady said, “They are not things that we talk about my dear, we try not to even think about them”. 

A modern person would most likely think that the underwear of the past would pretty vulgar. The thing is that the unmentionables such as the pantaloons that they wore instead of underwear, did not have an inseam. instead there was a whole in the middle of the gusset. This is why the can-can was so popular and risque in its time. Essentially, all Victorian women wore crotchless panties. 

It was considered inappropriate and dangerous to take a hot bath: in Victorian times, people didn’t take baths very often, because they thought that a completely wet body lost its natural protection, which could lead to a psychological disorder, fevers, or something even worse. During the Victorian era people were supposed to wash themselves in cold water, using a sponge soaked in cold water with a drop of vinegar. There was no such thing as a warm bath. People believed that taking a bath in water that was warmer Anne body temperature could lead a woman to madness or even stimulate her to look for carnal pleasure. Just think that our modern jacuzzis would definitely terrify these Victorian ladies and gentlemen or produce uncontrollable erotic urges.