Money And Business

The fact that I never gave the human consequences of that process a single thought should have given me pause and consider. But it didn’t. If this was a movie or a good TV programme, that would be a serious piece of foreshadowing. That I could enthusiastically roll into a company and make people unemployed without a second thought. They were not necessarily doing a bad job, they were just in the way of what I wanted. So that was their problem. laced lace and sheer nightdress rear viewlaced lace and sheer nightdress rear view

It is not as though I was making big money from this process. My firm made millions a year, but I was on a crappy basic with a small annual bonus. So I was just throwing people out of work for the sake of my ego; the pleasure of winning and doing a good job. As I say, serious foreshadowing opportunity where our hero does something cold and destructive without batting an eyelid and with no external reason or pressure but for his own pleasure. But it did not occur to me then, or for years, so I will come back to that later.

I guess that, in hindsight, working within the sex industry was pretty much inevitable for someone with my personality. Not necessarily working running some of the most successful escort agencies in Europe, or running and marketing swinger parties in Marbella and lots of other places, but who knows? Maybe it was inevitable after all?

While I was working on this campaign of commercially justified slashing and burning, I was also seeking to educate myself and improve my opportunities. I listened to “motivational” and “personal development” books on cassettes. You know the kind of thing; either perma-tanned glowing teethed Americans telling how to make your life perfect, based on their experience of talking to people who are successful rather than being successful themselves. Or American former Chief Executives who were always “mavericks” whose worth was not appreciated by their stick in the mud inferiors who ganged up to bring them down. In other words, agitators who mistook tearing things down and rapid change for progress and whose results were short term and always found out in the end.