Beauty Does Not An Escort Make

The best and most successful escorts are not always the most beautiful. Becoming a big success as an escort is more about sex appeal and the ability to manipulate men than it is about pure physical grace and beauty. The most wealthy prostitute I know is not film star beautiful. She has a good body and is very fit and lean. She is good looking but not amazing. But she is such a big success as a very high end and exclusive London call girl because she loves fucking and because she is incredibly charming. She is an expert at playing on a mans ego and making him feel sexy and special. It really does seem that men have some kind of direct connection between their penis and their ego. Massage their ego and their penis get hard. And if you keep their penis hard their ego inflates. So one thing leads to another if you are a really effective escort girl.

When a man is with a woman who makes him feel that he is the most perfect lover and the greatest possible male, then he will happily spend money to have more time in her presence. The absolute best Benidorm escort girl that I know has the skills to make a man feel like he is a hero in the bedroom. She also makes every man that she meets as a client as though she really wants him to be her lover in real life. Most men can think of nothing better than being in the presence of a sexy woman who thinks that they are sexually desirable. For that men will be happy to pay big money.

I am often asked what attributes or skills would make a woman into the most successful escort in the world. People often find the answers that I give surprising and even shocking. The first thing that pèople find surprising is that being a very good and extremely rich high class sex worker is not about having a perfect body or being the most beautiful woman in the room. If a woman is going to be a success as an escort she needs to look good in photographs. Photographs are the most important way to advertise in thje sex industry. But looking good in photographs is more about skill in posing and working with the camera rather than beauty.