Relationships And Money

If you have read any really honest blogger or researcher who discusses sex and relationships, you without doubt will have noticed how often money arises as of course, money is just as important in any talk about escorts and the sex industry. Sex and money, it seems, go together like sex and babe in window seat

Lots of articles have been written about the economics of romance and how money affects who we choose to date as well as how the spending habits of a male who is seeking to get a date with a woman are used to indicate whether they value the woman that they are dating. I deal with the sexiest escorts Geneva has to offer, so for me it is obvious. But in dating it can be a bit more tricky. Basically, a man who spends money on a woman is seen as a better catch than a man who does not. And if he spends money on his existing woman, then he must value her more highly than a man who does not spend on his woman. Cynical, certainly, but true once you remove the bias of political correctness.

Any blogger or journalist that has written honestly about these sort of things relating to romance will have become very unpopular and will have also have been on the receiving end of lots of hatred, negativity and abuse. That will mainly have come from women who believe that anyone saying that females take an interest in how much money a man has and how generous he is with it a man it in some way devalues women and is against feminism.

But that is just ridiculous. Facts are facts and do not have opinions. As a person that works talks a lot with women who are working call girls, the direct link between sex and money is not taboo to me. In the sex industry, the link between money and sex is not hidden beneath dating rituals such as who pays for entertainment, meals and drinks. In fact, a great many men choose to see escorts exactly because it costs a lot less money than going out on a date and guarantees a much better result!

Up to a point, I would say that when it comes to dating, I take a real interest in studying how money changes who we agree to date. And it is even more interesting when you study who people finally end up in a serious relationship with. Clearly, in a “standard” relationship – if there is such a thing – money will always be an issue. And I do not only refer to the shortage of money creating problems and arguments, which it can and does – but not for everyone. I know lots of couples who are extremely happy with no money at all. I also know lots of wealthy couples who hate totally hate each other. The point is that if the relationship is not running well in every other area, then finances will become a problem, whether the couple have too much money or too little money.