Sort Of Selling Sex

People are always fascinated when I tell them what I do for a living now – running escort agencies all over Europe. They were always equally all over me with questions and morbid interest when I used to talk about my time as a professional dominatrix. For some reason people seem to differentiate between being a “Mistress” (the capital M is important) and being a prostitute. I never did. Sex work is sex work. And while as a dominatrix I never allowed a client near me directly, there was a lot of orgasms for them and a lot of cum and ejaculate that needed cleaning up.escort in white panties in front of photographic lights

Anyway, the world being what it is, people are always looking for easy and painless ways to make money. And there are actually any number of ways of doing it without actually allowing someone direct access to your body. One example is that instead of becoming a woman who escorts Cheshire men and has sex for money, you can just become a sleazy slut on social media instead. Sorry, I believe the term is “influencer”.Basically, get your kit off, build your follower numbers and then monetise it by selling those follower numbers to advertisers. And those advertisers could be anything from lingerie, clothes and shoes to diet drinks and stupid unscientific supplements.

Essentially, become a social media whore who makes money from creating and curating an on line version of themselves and their lives that other desperate bods cling to for advice on how to become sexy and cool. Yeah, I would rather be a prostitute for real. But that is just me.

Another option is to become a naked maid. I saw this on the TV show Desperate Housewives and did not believe that it was a real thing. But then I met the owner of an Australian business that offers exactly this service. I assumed that their clients would all be stag parties and the like. But in fact all sorts of people want their food served by people with no clothes on. Especially when they look good with no clothes on, of course. Personally I would want to make sure that they had been nicely trimmed and sculpted down below as well to make sure that there were no stray pubic hairs to get into my soup or salad as well, but then I am a bit faddy about these things.