Seasons Of Sex Fun

What on earth does the time of the year have to do with running an escort agency? Skiing is seasonal. The donkey rides at Blackpool are seasonal. Growing oranges in Spain is seasonal. Growing wheat in England is seasonal. Hunting in Alaska is seasonal. But sex? Surely sex is the most recession and seasonal proof business it is possible to be in? People – men -always want sex, and will always pay for it, so how can it be a seasonal industry? The clue to the answer is actually in the sentences above. Yes, men will always want sex and pay for it. And if your escort agency has sorted out the marketing and web site search engine optimisation, then those men will find their way to you. But Julia escort girl wearing black lace lingeriethere have to be men there to attract with your advertising.

London is certainly pretty much a twelve month business, with the odd exception of Christmas and a couple of weeks in the summer. New York, you would imagine, would be the same, but it is not. The high level clients flee out to the Hamptons, Cape Cod or elsewhere during the sticky summer months, taking their money and bookings with them. And unless you are at the very top of the industry, you do not get to go with them. But what about elsewhere? Ibiza is absolutely a six month market. The escort agency industry in Marbella is twice as big in the summer as in the winter, when the glamour seekers and celebrities replace the golfers. The same is true of the Canary Islands, though the year round sunshine makes it not as extreme as Marbella.

So if you are anywhere other than one of the major cities that people do not leave – London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Singapore, you need to very clear about just how the calendar affects your business. And you really have to budget accordingly, or else you will find yourself screwed when the business disappears. And getting screwed in that way is nothing like as fun as the other kind of screwed – and believe me because let us face it, I am an expert when it comes to people being screwed.