How To Please An Escort

I remember talking with one of my friends who is a high class international escort and asking what a man could do to make an escort as happy as possible. The jokey answer was simple. “Have a shower, brush your teeth, leave a good tip and orgasm as quickly as possible so I can get on with my day!” At least I think it was a joke…but the conversation has stayed with me over the years as I have read article after article about human trafficking, slavery and exploitation. And also about sex workers rights, sex work as a profession and sex work as part of the feminist movement. So I decided to try and answer the question based on my knowledge of dozens of escorts of every age, shape, nationality and specialisation. It is hard enough answering the question “what should a man do to make a woman happy in bed?” It is even harder to ask the question “what should a man do to make a professional sex worker happy in bed?”


Actually, my friend´s jokey answer is not a bad place to start. Personal hygiene goes a long way to making any sexually intimate encounter more enjoyable for the woman involved. She has probably taken a lot of time and trouble to work on her appearance before meeting the client. Especially in the case of a high class escort. So being courteous enough to be clean seems like the least that a man can do. And courtesy is the next thing. Just because you are paying a woman for her time and her body does not give you the right to treat her like shit. And if you do treat her badly, you should hardly be surprised if she does the same in return. If you are a pig she will do her best to get you off as fast and efficiently as possible so that she can get rid of you in the shortest possible time.

Remember that a working girl is still a girl. Taking the time to have a drink and a bit of a chat with the lady when you first meet is not her burning up the clock so that she has to have as little sex as possible in the time. (Well okay, it is not just that) It also allows the lady to relax and get comfortable with you. A little flirty time will relax you both and enhance the experience for you both. She may be a sure thing, but the quality of the sex will be much better if she likes you and is relaxed with you. And lastly, make sure to ask what she does and does not like. Especially what she will and will not do. You may be surprised – or even shocked! One of the most beautiful Brazilian escorts I know really much prefers anal sex to vaginal. So a couple of minutes of being polite might get you some great results!