Let The Sexy Fun Begin

Honestly, I have no excuse for it to this day, even when I know everything that was going on around me. I had a really simple job; keep my principal safe from harm. And that harm was most likely to come from the audience or the staff. So I was watching them. The reference to Second Circle and Sinners had rung a bell. Dante and The Divine Comedy, I reckoned but I couldn’t quite catch the reference. The weirdness of being at what looked about to become the largest and most glamorous orgy outside of a Roman palace might have distracted me. Or maybe, as I found out later, Mistress Laura was just really, really lightning fast. In any case, before I knew what was happening she had one hand behind my head and the other in the small of my back. The front of her corset had pushed her breasts upward and forward and they were pushing hard and soft against my shirt. And then her mouth was on mine. Soft, warm, wet. Her tongue slipped between my lips and found my tongue and pressed just for a second. And, I swear to God, she purred while her tongue massaged mine. Then she was gone and turning to the audience.

mistress barcelona sex worker white corset sticking and heels with Chinese parasol“Ladies, you may commence the festivities!” and she took another sip from her glass and passed it back to the waitress in the scarlet coloured French Maid outfit. At the permission from the Mistress, most of the women, and all of the gorgeous escort girls who were working there, took exactly the same action that Mistress Laura had with me. Soon the lawn was filled with passionate snogging and groping. With all the moans of pleasure that the first deep kiss of an encounter brings on.

I leaned over to my principal as she watched the scene become more and more sexual with every passing second. Apparently making them wait had produced the desired effect.

“With respect, Mistress Laura, what the fuck was that? I am an employed contractor here to keep you safe, which I cant do if I am kissing you. And besides, isn’t that pretty blatant sexual harassment?”

I expected her to either laugh at my naivete or get angry and brush it off. She did neither. She took me seriously and responded in kind.

“I am sorry Richard but I couldn’t warn you, it had to look natural. Which it did, by the way! And it was only for a second after you had been very carefully scoping everyone. And lastly, I thought that if you are guarding me, I ought to return the favour and keep you safe while we are here:”