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Managing to keep your fingerprints off a network of more than two hundred and fifty businesses is no small feat. Managing to do that when all two hundred and fifty of those businesses, by definition, have to be out there – publicised and visible and advertised. But it is doable if you want to. And they do. For people with such very large egos, they have a very small need for recognition. Which makes them increasingly into curiosities in today’s celebrity obsessed age. Well, it would make them curiosities if anyone knew about them.

Maybe with their professional histories their passion for anonymity and keeping a lower than low profile should hardly be surprising. Lets face it, British intelligence agents are hardly famous for shouting about themselves from the rooftops. And Peter started his career with the Special Boat Service – who work hard to keep the profile of the SBS far lower than that of their colleagues in the Special Air Service, the SAS. Most people have never heard of them, but those in the know understand that the average SEAL is just a lifeguard compared to them. Even the vaunted DEFGRU – SEAL Team 6 – come to them for training.

escort malaga mistress tying laces on black corset long black glovesAnd while the internet is full of websites advertising the services of Mistresses and Dominatrixes, at the high end, like the high end of most things, it is all about discretion. It does not matter whether the average fetish fan has heard of you. What matters is whether the kinksters who can afford to pat five thousand dollars an hour have heard of you. So for Eleanor, secrecy had been a major part of her marketing plan ever since she donned her red leather professionally. While for Peter it was just training, instinct and common sense.

If someone is looking to hook up with the best escort Malaga can deliver, they dont care who owns the agency. In most cases, not do the girls. They only care whether they will get enough of the right type of work at the right prices. Who cares about who owns an escort agency? The competition, the tax authorities and, unless something goes wrong, that is it. Even the Police have no interest as long as there are no illegal immigrants, underage workers, drugs or people trafficking. And all of those are absolutely forbidden across Peter and Eleanor´s entire network. So as long as they pay their taxes (which they do), the only people who would want to find them would be the competition. And Peter and Eleanor work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. How do you find someone that you do not know exists?