Private Models

Private models are often (so-called “hobbies”), so-called hobby-girls, ie women, which only few guests in private surroundings receive. They are primarily independent, mostly work alone and receive their guests or visit them. Many of them are housewives, work as Ibiza escort girls, etc. or finance the studies beside.
There are also professional private models, so whores as the main occupation, who also work independently and receive at home.

Brothels and room rentals:

girl in stockings and lingerie walking up stairsUnique for Berlin are the so-called Wohnungsbordelle, which are meanwhile to the part pure room rentals.

Here, the ladies receive their own self-employment to the gentlemen to pamper him. Usually there are 2-6 ladies in such a flat. Some houses also offer capacities for up to 12 women. These establishments are often also run by women; The women working there are independent and do not have a pimp.

These addresses are very discreetly housed in residential buildings and do not let the outside know what is happening behind them. There is a lot of emphasis on discretion in the apartments. Thus, strict attention is paid to the fact that two men do not meet each other.

Free soft drinks and coffee are provided. Mostly you can shower before or after.
A large part of the housing bord opens at 10 o’clock in the normal business hours and closes again between 18 and 20 o’clock. It is therefore important that you take into account the opening hours in the advertisement.

Please note that the whores will rent their rooms directly and receive the guest. Therefore, it may happen that the guest first pays the room and then the sexual services.

Night clubs and bars:

Nightclubs usually open from 8pm and remain open until 5am. You can invite the women to a drink here and later sexually with them. The bars offer not only beer and vodka, but also champagne and cocktails. In some champagne bars one should pay attention to the credit card, as it can sometimes come to high sales. The animators wait for their entertainment Ladydrinks or champagne, which can quickly become very expensive